“Julian is a fantastically skilled and creative Production Designer. He’s also lovely person to have on a team.”
Teddy Leifer, RISE films

“Julian created a whole supermarket for us that made people go ‘WOW!’ when they stepped on set, he is a problem solver and can source props in inventive ways. He is a very creative designer and I also recommend him for his tenacity and commitment to projects. Not only that he is also a very nice chap.”
Tim Sealey, Head of Production, Rough Cut TV

“Had to say what a great experience it was working with Julian and I hope to work with him again very soon. He’s an absolute delight as a person and certainly contributed enormously to the stylish, classy look of the piece. He’s accommodating and understanding of production issues, flexible and incredibly responsible with his budget.”
Gina Marsh Line Producer, Case Sensitive for Hat Trick

“Julian Fullalove is a highly talented production designer who somehow manages to work miracles both for script and director and for budget and producer. He walks this type rope effortlessly.
Christopher Hall, Producer, Kudos

“As Production Designer Julian Fullalove is “fulla Vision, fulla Passion, fulla Can Do!!!”
Dir: Colin Teague “Trinity”

“Julian is not only a talented designer but also very much a ‘can do’ person keen to embrace new construction methods and to find ways to achieve the production objectives regardless of practical or financial constraints.”
Rownan Willson Director of ELP

“I have worked with Julian several times on both major and smaller productions. He has always ‘punched above his weight’ and delivered excellent design work, along with an understanding (and indeed an undertaking) that a budget is not a work of fiction. Julian and his team come on-board a production – immediately ideas, suggestions and more importantly, solutions flow – always with much appreciated wit. He manages his crew on a personal level, so they all are involved, and delivers to a very high spec.”
Jim Allan. Producer MIT,Golden Hour, Little Devil

“Julian was fantastic to work with. Channel 4’s Coming Up scheme has a very tight schedule and even tighter budget. Julian worked miracles in these constraints. I highly recommend him and am still really grateful for what he was able to pull off.”
Amanda Boyle, Director

“I loved working with Julian as we have a freaking laugh and he has an endless supply of comic stories. There’s a quote of his I still use which invariably gets a laugh – and brings me a little closer to jail every time. Priceless banter. I think his work was amazing too. I haven’t employed him since as I haven’t had the chance to do so (though I think I did hire him twice) Ok his work was excellent – and on a modest budget too. Liked his crew a lot also. Young at heart and always hard at work. ”
Omar Madha Director

“Julian Fullalove produced a very innovative set for us on the Paul McKenna series; the budget was tight, as was the schedule. Julian is both creative and versatile – and is always able to offer solutions to production issues. We would very happily employ him again.”
Rebecca Mulraine, Producer Tiger Aspect

“Julian’s work is always inspired and creative both visually and financially. His varied experience across many types of programming is invaluable and he is my first port of call, no matter what the project.”
Bill Hobbins, Producer, Endemol

“I’ve just requested him on a job and AGAIN he was unavailable!!! I think he’s great! He’s always my first choice. He changes, enhances & develops all my ideas for the better and what’s more important in this day & age is that he makes a little bit of money go a long long way. I love his hands on attitude I also love his small guerilla like team that seem to do nearly everything!!!”
Garry Love Director

“I directed a sitcom pilot Julian designed. He was wonderful to work with, anticipated problems, found solutions immediately, was amenable, incredibly creative and the finished product was incredibly successful. I can’t recommend him enough.”
David Shneider Director

“Julian’s visual flair, eagerness to collaborate and ability to exceed my expectations – but never my budget – ensures that he’s always one of the designers I turn to first, particularly on ambitious, large scale and innovative projects such as Robot Wars.”
Steve Carsey, Producer